Whitepaper: AI and VR In The Talent Management/Talent Acquisition Landscape

That's the talent challenge

Innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are rapidly finding application in many industries, and HR is no different. For both job candidates and HR recruiters, AI can connect people to the best job and company fit faster and often more accurately than manual methods.

The following white paper is a joint effort between talent management/talent acquisition software and service providers, Lumesse and TalentObjects. It provides:

    • Context and recommendations to recruiters, HR managers, hiring managers and IT professionals about the inevitable changes coming.
    • Balanced commentary between the benefits of automation, such as streamlined workflow, and the toll on human jobs.
    • How Lumesse and TalentObjects are offering and planning innovations in HR, including AI in recruiting

For employees and HR managers, AI and immersive technologies such as VR can make engagement, collaboration, job training, and learning and development more efficient and immersive and less of a toll on existing staff.

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AI and VR In the Talent Management and Talent Acquisition Landscape
By: Dean Lombardo and Nikki Lameree