Why Fluid Performance Management and Continuous Feedback Are Crucial in Corporate Goal Attainment

Why do so many prospective candidates join your organization but then quickly get frustrated and leave? You’ve hired someone you believe is going to get the job done, but then it doesn’t work out. Why does this keep happening, even to the best of us?

Often, it’s not personal, meaning the reason is usually not that these are bad employees or bad people or bad supervisors. It’s a matter of these talented professionals not being equipped with the information and continuous feedback they need to contribute toward your corporate objectives on a daily basis. Traditional performance management processes and the enterprise systems that support these processes are still predominantly geared around annual, semiannual or quarterly reviews and any helpful feedback loops don’t occur when the employee needs them in order to tackle individual career, team and corporate objectives. This leads to those painful and regrettable “oh, no,” moments when semiannual reviews come and we realize we’re off course on our career and company goals.

Continuous performance management and continuous feedback are part of a movement revolutionizing talent management by giving every individual in your organization access to the latest corporate objectives, business intelligence, manager and peer feedback, learning and career development and compensation opportunities. Thus equipped with this information, ongoing guidance and potential reward, your workforce and leadership team will never again have to suffer another “oh, no” moment.

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• Develop employees to their full potential

• Improve, reward and retain high performers

• Identify talent for cross-functional / cross-departmental moves

• Groom a leadership pipeline with a broader range of experience

• Identify development actions for low performers

• Provide more objective feedback to employees and managers based on a broader, motivational, two-way or 360-degree discussion

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