How to Transform Your Business Into a Self-Developing Organization

In simple terms, a self-developing organization is an organization in which information is made available across the workforce and in which the workforce uses that information – through handy, intuitive tools – to achieve personal development and career success. The corporation then benefits from employee engagement and productivity, and the achievement and fine-tuning of corporate objectives.

Leading-edge talent management software systems embrace the spirit of self-development by providing mobile, social and collaborative apps that are familiar to today’s workforce. The new Lumesse whitepaper, “Why Self-Developing Organizations Are Gaining Momentum and How You Can Capitalize,” advises ways to:

  • Identify “engaged” individuals prior to hire
  • Overcome the barriers to engagement and adoption among members of your workforce
  • Capture and isolate gems of strategic business intelligence from your workforce
  • Understand the full breadth of abilities and aspirations each individual offers and integrate this insight into career and succession planning
  • Fine-tune and align workforce skills and competencies, as well as corporate goals and objectives, through an integrated talent management system approach.

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