Recruit Like a Marketer:
Talent Acquisition for the Digital Era

The Digital Age is upon us, posing both opportunities and challenges toward finding, attracting, hiring and retaining the people and skills your organisation needs to succeed. Take a lesson from today’s digital marketers adept at cost-efficiently tapping into the fertile Interverse, disseminating value propositions, and nurturing prospective customers all the way to the sale. Learn to recruit like a marketer by downloading this handy report, which provides guidance on how to:

  • Incorporate the Seven P’s of Marketing – a set of common but crucial decision areas leading-edge marketing organisations face – into your recruitment efforts.
  • Simplify your transition to digital and social recruitment efficacy through a checklist of easy steps.
  • Leverage a framework of guidance to identify where technology and process automation can help to address all areas of the candidate/employee life cycle, thus continuously personalizing and optimizing the user experience.
  • Apply all three of leading research and advisory firm Gartner’s recommended best practices for recruiting like a marketer: 1) optimizing time to hire (time to sale), 2) maximizing the candidate experience (customer experience) and 3) ensuring the right hire (profitable customer relationship).

Don’t miss out on this helpful resource that will equip your organisation with the tools and strategies to recruit like a marketer.

Download the Lumesse report featuring Gartner research.

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