Webinar: Engage and Retain Your Best and Brightest with Talent Mobility 

It's a tough time for employers. According to Gallup, more than 90% of workers that took new jobs last year did so at a new employer. In addition, nearly nine out of ten of your employees are considering other job opportunities, based on Glassdoor's research.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a method for engaging your best workers, encouraging higher productivity and retention? That's where talent mobility comes in. This practice encompasses more than just succession planning as an HR practice--it makes employee mobility and growth a business priority.

Attendees will learn not only why talent mobility matters, but also:

  • How to leverage technology to capture your skills inventory and grow your talent
  • Case studies exploring how a variety of companies are putting this into practice
  • The big picture business value of talent mobility, including impacts on revenue, retention, and customer satisfaction
  • What high-performing companies do differently than their peers to drive a culture of talent mobility

If this sounds intriguing, join Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst of Lighthouse Research & Advisory, for this upcoming webinar to explore all of these concepts and more. As an added incentive, attendees of this webinar will also receive a special report that dives deeper into the concepts of talent mobility and provides insight into how businesses can leverage this innovative talent practice for long-term success.

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Date: Thursday, June 29, 2017

Time: 12:00pm CST

Duration: 1 hour

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